Yoga for Beginners

A series for anyone wanting to get into a new movement practice that is loosely centred around yoga. You may also find this area useful if you are wanting to take the throttle off your practice or go back to some of the basics
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Gentle Standing Movement
Use this whenever you need a short & awakening stretch
A calm nourishing flow. Tailored to slow the pace of life and stimulate restful thoughts.
standing yoga for beginners
No need for a mat with this gentle one.  Just check you have enough room to swing your arms and get going. 
floor yoga for beginners
Grab a mat (or carpet will be suitable) and get down on the floor for this simple but effective flow for all levels.
yoga sun salutation
Learn the fundamentals of the traditional sun salutation. This simple sequence can be magical first thing in the morning.
yoga breath
This practice starts with pacing the breath. Then we flow through with distinct awareness of the inhale & exhale in motion.
yoga for beginners
A basic beginners yoga flow for anyone new to yoga
Feeling Tight?
You need a pole (a broom handle will do!) and 2 blocks for this video.  I promise it will be worth it.
Happy Hamstrings
Use this 20 min flow regularly to feel more freedom behind the knees and back of the thighs
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