My ethos is not just to 'beast' you!

I will challenge your efficiency at adapting to life's everyday physical demands


I currently offer this in a class format and 1-1 coaching


Online Memberships are COMING SOON!

I have sooo much more than just Yoga to offer you…

When it comes to your health, many many many paths/choices lead to the same outcome of feeling better.  The only thing they all have in common?  You have to make the conscious decision to put yourself first and repeat it day in day out.

My classes are run at Salt Water Studios in Worthing.  I'm not a classical yoga teacher, I don't use Sanskrit, chant or have any sound bath skills but I am devotedly passionate about the human body and improving on our modern lifestyle body failures!  During my time as a teacher I have developed my own style: it brings you innovative conditioning with slick sequencing and knowledge to discover your own optimum health.

My 1-1 Coaching is in my home studio in Worthing.  I specialise in movement patterns in motion.  I can help you with joint complaints, muscle imbalance issues, foot bio-mechanics, arthritis, neuropathy, lupus, chronic stress symptoms and general health optimisation.  My coaching does not replace your current movement choice - it enhances it.

online yoga coming soon

Online Memberships will include:

    • Yoga classes for all levels
    • Movement recovery from common body complaints
    • Downloads & mini e-books
    • Discounts on classes and bolsters!

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