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calm chest opening
Melt away anxiety and breathing restrictions ♥ Begin seated against the wall and grab a bolster or foam roller if you have one.
standing yoga for beginners
No need for a mat with this gentle one.  Just check you have enough room to swing your arms and get going. 
yoga sun salutation
Learn the fundamentals of the traditional sun salutation. This simple sequence can be magical first thing in the morning.
yoga for beginners
A basic beginners yoga flow for anyone new to yoga
Standing Freedom
A quick energising flow to awaken the body
hip yoga posture
Slow Steady Hip Love. Our hips need strength and mobility to stay happy (I need water and chocolate!). This 50 min flow is your key to mobility and will leave you wondering how you lived without it.
4 Weeks to Superior Shoulders
A 4 week program to improve shoulder mobility, rounded upper back and forward head posture. If you complete each weeks movements (min 3 x a week) it will give you freedom!
playtime yoga class
Take time to play. As adults we probably need it more than children! 😉