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I have found yoga is the best way to find people like you.  The word yoga seems to attract the kinds of people who care about themselves enough to pro-actively learn and integrate findings into their daily lives.  The iSH! part is because it isn't strictly yoga!

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Ps. My videoing skills are slowly improving with time! 😉  Just like our yoga!

Mindful thoughts pinging your way ♥

Full Yogaish Class

If you struggle to find meditation.....it will find you after these classes!

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◊ Hip(py) ish! Flow

A full 360 workout with both challenging and restorative moves.

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◊ Consciousness ON

This one is definitely a challenge.  Have fun with your practice, even when poses feel out of reach.  Stay calm when you fail, failure is normal and important.  Smile when it happens....no one is successful all of the time! (this class is not for movement beginners) - 58 mins

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♦ NEW:  "Move With Me"

3 x videos added EVERY week

5 minutes of movement to keep your quota topped up!

Morning Magic

Movement + Meditation = A great start to the day!

◊ Free Yourself

Real freedom comes from within.

The water cannot sink your boat if you don't let it in!

◊ Beginning

Beginnings hold ambiguity, promise, fear and hope.

Take time to honour the beginning.

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Pick N Mix!

What is your body asking for today?

How are you feeling?    Select accordingly 

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◊ Post run flow

A sweet 30 min flow opening common tight areas associated with running/walking and in-fact sitting!  There is a linked download at the end of the video.  You can keep the 7 best stretches download to hand for a post run quickie!

◊ Hip mobility

10 mins of hip attention and you get to sit down (that doesn't happen often in my videos!)  These moves are suitable for all without injuries and come with a host of benefits.  Try them today 

◊ Easy Upper Body Opening

A delightful organic mixture of movements to loosen tension in your upper body- 18 mins


◊ Quick Desk Reset

No need for a mat - address common problem areas associated with chair sitting in this quick 15 min sequence.

Do it daily to feel movement magic

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Yoga for Beginners

Welcome New Movers!

Keep things simple and sweet with these downloads and videos.  Each one has been produced with love and care to spark your passion for movement and a pain free life.  Work your way through them or pick your favourite and just, eat, sleep, Yoga, repeat!

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◊ Standing yoga for beginners

No need for a mat with this one.  Just check you have enough room to swing your arms and get going. 24 mins

◊ Floor yoga for beginners

Grab a mat (or carpet will be suitable) and get down on the floor for this simple but effective flow for all levels. 29 mins 

◊ Sun Salutation - balance

SAMPLE: Give this a go once you have experienced the 'simple' sequence and begin to feel yourself improve.  Remember balance requires a diligent practice and a patient mind.  14 min 

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Quiet Space

slow down ~ restore ~ re-energise

◊ Box Breath

Approach restorative practices with a kind heart and zero expectation.  Your days demand enough of you already.  Allow this box breathing to soothe you.  There is no right or wrong.  Namaste ♥

◊ Happy Hormones

Developing a movement practice including, sitting, standing, gentle inversions and back-bends will engage all the organs and glands that develop & distribute hormones.  Try this flow today. 14 mins

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