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Who is behind YogaISH Yoga?

I'm Michelle or Shelly....I answer to both!

I have been physically active for as long as I can remember, instructing in various roles both in the UK and internationally since 2005. I won't bore you with everything I have done but feel free to ask me in person, if you're interested!

Time and experience has taught me what I am good at and what I am not so good at!  I am good at teaching classes and I have great success with 1-1 clients.  My intention is never to fix you but simply bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.   Of course I have the necessary qualifications to do this but most importantly I am devotedly passionate and thorough about every single client reaching optimum health, even if that means I refer onto another profession.

I have spent most of my life exploring what movement and health options there are. I have experienced what conventional sports and mainstream fitness has to offer but always felt a thirst for more. (to read my full blog WHO AM I - click here)

Today I find myself fascinated with proficient movement and I have titled it YogaiSH!

When you train with me you have a purpose......YOU

I am currently studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and will soon hold a Nutritional Therapy qualification that will provide the all round package for anyone wanting to discover their optimum health potential - watch this space.

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Yoga Teacher and Yoga Classes

Over the last 15 years...

...I have positively impacted 100’s of lives. Maybe it’s my super cool personality!?
Or maybe it’s my inner geek that combines a technical yet nurturing approach to teaching & coaching!! Who knows!!

Knowledge really is magic these days, so expect to discover priceless info in any session!

yoga movement coach
Yoga Teacher and Yoga Classes


Freestyle Yoga Project 200hr TT
Anatomy & Physiology level 3
Gym Instructor & PT
Advanced Mat Pilates
Nutrition & Weight Management
Exercise to Music
Yoga Therapy & Experiential anatomy - The Spine & Pelvis (Yoga Campus)
In Depth look at the knee & hip - Chris Swain
Inversion Workshop - Samantha Roy
Advanced 100hr TT - Sally Parkes
Learn to Meditate - Brighton Buddhist Centre
IN TRAINING - CNM Naturopathic Nutrition (3yr diploma - nutritional medicine)
Continual self education & development - Blogs/portals/books/workshops/videos/inspirational teachers & my own practice every dam day!

Yoga Teacher and Yoga Classes

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