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Life is a continuous lesson. Some times we sail through the day and others we survive it. Yoga teaches us that we don't always have to arrive at the final destination/pose in order to develop and grow. All you must expect of yourself is to turn up and give it your best go!

My practice is not perfect but it's consistent.

♥ A diligent patient practice honours the body and calms the mind

This avenue of business is new to me but I promise my Yoga skills are just as strong, so please bear with me on any technical issues!!

The bonus of early bird joiners, is the price will not change but the content is going to grow and grow.  So more value for your money, everyday of your membership.

If there is anything you would like that is not currently available please get in touch, it may be on the way already or I will action your every desire (like your yoga genie!)  Your suggestion may help others, so please don't be shy.

I believe this is the start of something great and I am sooo excited to be on this journey with you.

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A series for anyone wanting to get into a new movement practice that is loosely centred around yoga.  You may also find this area useful if you are wanting to take the throttle off your practice or go back to some of the basics

Take some time out • Restore, re-energise, refocus.

Dive in here if you are looking for a specific area to work on.  *Top Tip: we should focus our attention on our sticky/tight/weak areas to create harmony within the body

These are a replica of my studio classes.  The style is an amalgamation of what I have seen my students respond to over the years.  They are always dynamic and sequences, with the intention of finding your 'state of flow'.

SOF definition: "The mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling or energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment int he process of the activity"   

This area has short and sweet sequences that work on particularly challenging postures or flows.  What is challenging for one person might be easy for another, so there is a real mix of content in here.  Have fun with these but remember not to make your movement practice all about achievement - just keep showing up!


Challenge our body with these varying fitness workouts.  A range of 15 - 30min sweaty routines that WILL show whole body results.

Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff!