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Strong Intentions
A full class with a powerful vibe
strength yoga class
A twist on the classic yoga Sun Salutation. Start to build strength with this 13 min yoga flow
playtime yoga class
Take time to play. As adults we probably need it more than children! 😉
trust yoga class
Become comfortable being uncomfortable Trust your body knows the way Be Open to the possibility of any outcome
free flow yoga class
Pay attention to the way in which you move Move like there is no posture to reach, there is just the movement itself ♥ You are the practice ♥
intention yoga class
A slow beginning takes you into a powerful meaty middle/end. Find buoyancy and joy in movement. Shavasana is well deserved! - 53 mins
deeply aware yoga class
Use this flow to tune into yourself. Take your time to unite your body and mind with the breath. This full class will leave you energised and stronger- 58mins
dynamic strength yoga class
A mixture of all things - find your State of Flow in this full 360 workout - 1 hour class
peaceful power yoga class
A peaceful and powerful 50min flow to calmly and strongly honour your body. (telomeres are on your DNA @53:19!!)
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