bunny hops yoga
A short strong practice to assist your hand balancing journey
pistol squat
Your legs are going to feel this one...and your bum! Enjoy this journey - it's a fun toughie
upper body strength
Boom! This is a tough 20 min upper body strength circuit with unprecedented guaranteed results. Do it safely and within your current limits and before you know it...effort will become ease ♥
yoga challenge
This is a short 20 min flow to improve your efficiency at stepping/floating through to seated. A small warm up beforehand may be required.
pincha posture
A cheeky short flow to prepare the body to load the forearms.  Remember preparation doesn't always result in finding the posture.  Enjoy the journey.
The 'step through'
This can be a real challenge for some. Be patient and consistent with this sequence to help you with the (sometimes elusive) step through
inversion yoga posture
NOT FOR BEGINNERS. This is the accompanying video to an inversion workshop I ran 🙂. Please read the accompanying document prior to this video. Please also mobilise and ready your wrists before this practice - have fun!
Upside Down Play
Another short instructional video Add these moves in whenever you feel the need to build strength and stability on your hands. Use the love your wrists video to maintain healthy wrists, especially when beginning hand loading
consciousness on yoga class
Switch off autopilot and move in all the ways you are not used to. This is most definitely one of the challenging ones. Have fun - 58 mins

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