upper body

tabata upper body
Upper Body Tabata workout
upper body strength
Boom! This is a tough 20 min upper body strength circuit with unprecedented guaranteed results. Do it safely and within your current limits and before you know it...effort will become ease ♥
upper body yoga stretch
Use this flow to unravel your body and senses. You may need a bolster or blocks for the end (optional).
upper body yoga
Stop hiding your arms and shoulders away - work on them for 10 mins 3 x a week and display those toned triceps.
yoga core
There are very few occasions in our day to day movements that allows us to use our core muscles without our arms - so enjoy developing toned arms and a capable core with this short 30 min sequence.
slidey core yoga class
A 58min class that will progress core and upper body strength. You will need: socks and blocks This one can be intense on the wrists, so stay tuned to your sensations and practice accordingly. PS enjoy the background sunset