10 mins of Core
A quick floor based core strengthener
bodyweight circuit
A sweet little workout to spice up your life!
floor core yoga
12 mins of core delight. In this vid there are several progressive moves that are great to work on over time. A great one to keep coming back to
core yoga
A core focused Tabata Workout
yoga core
There are very few occasions in our day to day movements that allows us to use our core muscles without our arms - so enjoy developing toned arms and a capable core with this short 30 min sequence.
Floor Core
I regularly include these Floor Core moves in class. They can be added to any practice at any time. Use the chapters at the right hand side of the play bar to skip between exercises. This is just an instructional video.
slidey core yoga class
A 58min class that will progress core and upper body strength. You will need: socks and blocks This one can be intense on the wrists, so stay tuned to your sensations and practice accordingly. PS enjoy the background sunset