I use hands on adjustments that encourage your own innate movement capabilities

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All sessions are held in my private home studio

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"I had painful feet, a very rounded back and shoulders and I was beginning to find picking things up from the floor difficult - Michelle made my feet work again in less than a month, improved my posture dramatically and I now have no problem bending to retrieve things from the floor"

- Debbie

♥ A subtle alteration in movement can make a profound difference to your quality of life


I have experience in aesthetic training but I specialise in returning optimum bio mechanics and have experience with arthritis, lupus, plantar fasciatis & mortons neuroma, peripheral neuropathy, chronic stress and modern day muscle imbalances.

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"Michelle is extremely patient, kind, funny and just gets it!  Intuitive and always watching how to crank things up a notch without you realising or another way to work an area that's struggling, to get it up to speed.  Having one to one lessons with Michelle is exciting as you never know what's in store.  EVERY WEEK is different and never the same.  Never boring, my hours lesson goes in a flash.  I look forward to challenges i'm set, not knowing if I can complete them but with Michelle's guidance I always can.  I believe in Michelle and she makes me want to believe in myself and try to be the best I can be"

- Christine

♥ My coaching does not replace your current movement choice - it enhances it

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"In a short time Michelle has transformed both my body and mindset. Before our work together, I felt nervous and self-conscious doing any personal training or fitness classes. She made me feel totally relaxed and tailored my workouts to focus on my own goals. Each session is varied with equipment and exercises to suit your aim or experience level, and you will find no one else more knowledgeable of exercise, health and nutrition. Her beautiful studio is the perfect setting for a fun and invigorating session, or an intense physical workout. I promise if you commit to one lesson, you will book for the next year"

- Siobhan

♥ Whatever your goal - I'm confident I can help you get there

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