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Why YogaiSH!?

YogaiSH! is sooo much more than just yoga.

Yoga has traditionally been associated with flexibility or ‘touching your toes’ and I want to shout it from the rooftops that yoga is more more more than that!

It is how you live your life from one moment to the next. 

It is the choices you make that influence yourself and others.

It is your thoughts & aspirations coming to life with no attachment or expectation to the outcome.  The only intention is to move positively forward from 1 minute to the next. 

It is learning and growing. 

It is balancing physical and mental demands through efficient nourishment (our food and our mental health).

In a nutshell it is honouring this one body/life that we all have, whilst feeding forward to all those we come into contact with.

This is why I call it YogaiSH!

Not only is my movement different to traditional yoga but also my 15 years close up experience with people has illuminated loose ends that movement has not fully restored, so I am currently studying a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional therapy.  Combining these two elements is what YogaiSH! is all about.

All my teachings are structured to develop stability in motion.  This is mobility – ‘the ability to move freely’.  My ethos is not to just ‘beast’ you…it is to challenge your efficiency to adapt to life’s everyday physical demands.  I do this in a class format, online content and 1-1 coaching.

When I began teaching, back in 2005, I was very much orientated around aesthetics. Aside from injury, I thought the main reason people trained was to look better. I was young and kind of daft!! However, this thought process was not entirely wrong because most people still do ‘workout’ to look better!  My focus now is 100% on training you to emerge a better version of yourself.

yoga class

Your mental health & physical health are NOT SEPARATE ENTITIES, they work in unison at all times.

Your body is sooooo cool….to try to keep you happy & healthy, it creates its own chemicals (endocrine system*) that release into your body when you put intentional movement into your day, so as to ensure survival. Your nervous system is tightly interwoven in your muscles and fascia sending signals to your brain, communicating constantly. Muscular contractions (movement) therefore encourages healthy brain functions and fights potential onset of neurological diseases.

*Geeky bit* - Your endocrine system (hormones) are crucial chemical substances secreted by glands, that circulate the bloodstream, transferring information throughout the body regarding your energy levels, metabolism, mood regulation, tissue function, response to stress and trauma and more. All experts agree that movement is a great prescription for encouraging hormonal balance.

I want to arm you with information so you succeed.  Your knowledge is your own magic ingredient!

I will teach you awareness and how to listen to your body’s feedback.  Not everything is right for everyone.

Yoga Fun

Before I finish…I’ll leave you with this little nugget about Yoga:


Joe Rogan said if he had to choose between ‘Pot’ and Yoga – "he would chose yoga every time!"

Jeremy Piven, when asked my he picked up yoga, answered: “if you don’t balance your life, you’re going to be brought to your knees – that’s basically what happened to me”

Russell Brand – “These things are right good for the old spirit”

So book a class, contact me for a 1-1 or join online soon!

Thank you for reading.


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