Morning Yoga

Create a magical morning routine with movement, words of inspiration and meditation.  Includes 15 mins of moving, 3 mins meditation and inspired thinking.
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Don't Hurry
Hurrying will not speed up the process. Be gentle and loving with yourself
Go for the Ride
Take the rough with the smooth.  Relax, stay present and take life at your own pace.
morning yoga inspiration
What inspires you? Invite adventure and invigorate your soul.
Lifes Energy
There is an inner power that guides you. Let it energise your soul
morning yoga detach
Results are a moving target. Focus on the static target - your choices TODAY. Make the right ones today and tomorrow and the day after...that is all x
morning yoga stillness
The magic is in trusting the stillness ♥
morning yoga vision
Let the pictures from your soul guide you
morning yoga interests
What lights a fire in your soul? Do you try new things often?
morning yoga step
Receive and respond to life in small bites, with faith
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