Want More Energy?

So….if you’re reading this, you are probably a bit of a geek (like me!) about this stuff and like to know a little more than just….’eat your 10 veg a day’.

Yeah, but why!?

We all know that the bodies currency is energy.  If we have more of it, we feel pretty rich, we can spend it working out, doing chores and running after children or life in general!  When you are a bit flush with it, you can give some away to others and be less of a tight ass!

And as we all know too well, when we are strapped for energy….we feel meh 🙁 

There is quite literally a trillion things you could do to improve or increase your energy, google it and you will be blown away, however we will stick to the topic of this article, which is….drum roll please…...CO FACTORS

What??? What the flip are co factors?  These are the super important, often not thought about, factory workers, who turn your food into energy.

In order for your brown rice (aka carbohydrate) to become ‘cash’ (aka energy/ATP) it has to go through a few processes within your cells – Glycolysis, Acetyl CoA production, the Kreb Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain.

Spoiler….you do not need to know, remember or even care about those words in order to get more energy.  PHEW!

Basically, the processes cannot happen without Co Factors.  The main ones are: A bunch of B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), Magnesium, Manganese, Lypoic Acid, Iron, CoQ10, Copper and Sulphur oh and Oxygen!

So, if you are lacking energy, think of eating the Rainbow. 


Seeds / Nuts / Green Leafy Veg / Avocado / Sardines / Legumes / Wholegrains / Berries / Beans / Eggs / Beetroot / Salmon / Tomatoes / Mushrooms / Garlic / Onions / Cauliflower / Broccoli sprouts

Supplementing is an option but food is better.  If you feel the need to supplement, see a professional for advice.  Man…I cannot wait until I am allowed to be that professional!  For those of you who don’t know, I am in year 2 of my Nutritional Therapy Diploma, so by August 2022 I will be qualified to give you all the advice you need.   Eeeeeek!

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I hope it was helpful to give you just a tiny insight into why people always bang on about eating a variety of whole foods.  These foods are the pan to your pancakes!  You can’t have the pancake without the pan!

May your energy pockets be deep and fruitful 😉


Michelle x

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