Full Yogaish! classes

The focus is on mobility in motion in all directions. 

A full 360 workout every time!

Have fun with your body and movement but be in tune with your limitations.  If it doesn't feel right, don't do it!

Push yourself or find adaptations for your practice...only you will know where your body is at on a daily basis.

Please do get in touch with any questions about anything!

Scroll to find today's practice....

Read the descriptions for the challenging ones!

◊ Hip(py) ish!

A full 360 workout with both challenging and restorative moves - 52mins

◊ Consciousness On

Switch off autopilot and move in all the ways you are not used to.  This is most definitely one of the challenging ones.

Stay safe - 58 mins

◊ Move Move Move

New movers be careful of your 'end range'.  This one has some challenging sections.

Please use any props that make your practice more fun! - 58mins

◊ Peaceful Power

A peaceful and powerful 50min flow to calmly and strongly honour your body.

◊ Dance(ish!) Class

Learn the movements with slow precision and then allow yourself to dance through them - 40 mins

◊ Dynamic Strength

A mixture of all things - find your State of Flow in this full 360 hour class.

Just keep showing up