This is Where it all starts...

Keep things simple and sweet with these downloads and videos.

Each one has been produced with love and care to spark your passion for movement and a pain free life.

Work your way through them or pick your favourite

◊ Standing yoga

No need for a mat with this one.  Just check you have enough room to swing your arms and get going. 24 mins

◊ Floor yoga

Grab a mat (or carpet will be suitable) and get down on the floor for this simple but effective flow for all levels. 29 mins 

◊ Easy upper body opening

Use this flow to unravel your body and senses.  You may need a bolster or blocks for the end (optional). 18 mins

Welcome Yoga Unlimited Membership

◊ 7 Daily Movements

...for (almost) all!

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Welcome Yoga Unlimited Membership

◊ 7 Daily Movements

...for those who cannot kneel.

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◊ Sun Salutation - kept simple

Learn the fundamentals of the traditional sun salutation.  This simple sequence can be magical first thing in the morning. 13 mins

◊ Sun Salutation - balance

Give this a go once you have experienced the 'simple' sequence and begin to feel yourself improve.  Remember balance requires a diligent practice and a patient mind.  14 mins

◊ Sun Salutation - with the breath

This practice starts with pacing the breath.  Then we flow through with distinct awareness of the inhale & exhale in motion.  10 mins

◊ Happy Hormones

Developing a movement practice including, sitting, standing, gentle inversions and back-bends will engage all the organs and glands that develop & distribute hormones.  Try this flow today. 14 mins

◊ New Movers

A basic beginners flow for anyone new to yoga

Get in touch if there is anything in particular I haven't already catered for