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Welcome Yoga Unlimited Membership
Welcome Yoga Unlimited Membership

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Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation



Thank you for popping by and taking a look around my site.

I now have ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS available with both free & payable content.

Memberships Include:

*New Movers (yoga for Beginners)

*A Restorative series (Unwind)

*Pick N Mix! (pick your Body Part/Focus)

*Full YogaiSH! classes (of course!)

*Quiet Space (meditation-ish)

Corresponding downloadable PDF’s for some of the videos, to make it easier for daily use

Access to Private Blog Post Areas - Unlimited Members Only

10% off Block Class Bookings - Unlimited Members Only

10% off 'Quiet Space' Bolsters - Unlimited Members Only

I have sooo much more than just Yoga to offer you…

When it comes to your health, many many many paths/choices lead to the same outcome of feeling better.  The only thing they all have in common?  You have to make the conscious decision to put yourself first and repeat it day in day out.

Your membership will bring you movement, joy, education and vitality.  I want you to find comfort and ease in your life through understanding the human body.  I am collating all my years of experience and studying right here for you.  You simply have to decide how much you want to know!!

The BASIC MEMBERSHIP has limited content but is a great place to get started and see how I teach, have a go at the complimentary videos and learn some of the basics

◊ The UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP is for those that want it all!  Like me, I want all the moves, all the knowledge and all the interaction with other like-minded peeps.  I just don’t want to miss out on anything Health & Vitality related that I can learn and then put into practice.  If you are like me, then this option is for you.


  • Limited access to:
    • Yoga for Beginners
    • Quiet Space
    • PicknMix
    • Restorative Series
    • State of Flow (full classes)
  • Fairly Static content
"Michelle doesn’t just teach yoga, she opens your mind, challenges your abilities and inspires you to improve."
"I have learned a lot, my body has changed and I can do things I couldn’t do when I was a teenager!"
"I came in feeling a little ‘upside down’ but I have literally come out with my heart smiling ♥"


  • Unlimited access to:
    • Yoga for Beginners
    • Quiet Space
    • PicknMix
    • Restorative
    • State of Flow
    • Fitness Arena (coming soon)
    • Educational Downloads
    • Private Blog post links
  • A continually evolving platform
  • 10% off ‘Quiet Space’ Bolsters
  • 10% off Block 1-1 Sessions